Creative & Digital

Who we are

  • We are focused on delivering the very best work for our clients and their customers beyond
    a traditional transactional supplier relationship. We are constantly asking - is this the best
    we can deliver?

    This drive for excellence helps us build true partnerships with our clients, who know that
    we are always working with their best interests at the core of everything we do.

  • Eva Whittaker

    Your day to day liaison on projects, Eva will manage the co-ordination of your project to ensure it’s smooth delivery, as well as inputting at a strategic level to guarantee that the melting pot between you, as the client, and the experience and expertise of the Ralph team are perfectly married.

    • +44 (0)117 953 3107
  • Warren Cuff

    As creative director and owner at Ralph, Warren is responsible for the creative integrity and UX design and delivery of your project. Warren has been working at a high level in the creative industry for over 20 years and has literally hundreds of digital delivery projects under his capable belt!

    • +44 (0) 7985 459 756
  • Brian McCulloch

    Brian is Ralph's front-end developer. He's responsible for bringing our web design to life and ensuring that what our clients see in their browsers matches their expectations. If he's not tinkering with the web he'll be found cycling up a mountain or some other crazy bike related shenanigans.

    • +44 (0)117 953 3107
  • Val Salmanovicius

    A back-end developer with bags of talent and know-how, Val looks after your technical needs. From constructing system architecture to making sure your website is secure, he's got your back!

    • +44 (0)117 953 3107
  • Taylor Marston

    Taylor produces designs for our clients, whether you are after a new brochure, logo or launching a new email campaign, she'll bring your brand to life.

    • +44 (0)117 953 3107

What we do

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Brand Development
  • Anything in Print
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Infographics and Illustrations
  • Motion and Animation
  • Research and Online Strategy
  • Digital Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Applications and CMS
  • Deployment and Analytics
  • Digital and Social Media Strategy
  • Employee Engagement
  • Experience and Events