Speaking out


How is mobile first UX driving change in the digital landscape?

Mobile design isn’t a new strategy, it’s been around for over a decade, but in 2018, with global mobile traffic hitting 52.2% and the introduction of Google’s mobile first indexing, mobile first design is now at the heart of digital strategy best practice.


Celebrity spots

We love a good life experience discussion in the Ralph studio... and one of our best ever... (well one that we can actually blog about!) is which famous people we’ve seen. It’s an impressive list... so we wanted to share it with you.


Ralph Retrospective 2018

We've had a busy year, discovering more about ourselves and rebranding as well as working our socks off for our fantastic tribe of clients.


Addressable TV - the new marketing revolution

Did you know that TV advertising is now within the reach of any brand, B2B or B2C through addressable TV advertising? Providing businesses of any size a focused, economic and measurable way of getting their adverts in front of their target audience for as little as £5000.


Where does creativity come from?

It’s a widely debated philosophical/physiological debate, which largely remains unanswered. Are creative individuals simply wired that way? Is it the prefrontal cortex, right brain, hippocampus, superior temporal gyrus, density of white matter or the current favourite, the default mode network.


What’s your reality between the lines?

Words are a funny thing. We use them to communicate to others what we want people to know, but are those words connected with who we really are?


A novel idea

Keyboards at the ready, because November is National Novel writing month!

Find out the novel titles from the Ralph team (the novels we have time to write in an alternative universe). What would be your novel title?


Supporting World Mental Health Day 2018

We are proud to support World Mental Health Day 2018. Life isn’t always easy and we all have a collective responsibility to support those who aren’t having such an easy time and whose mental health is suffering as a consequence. Being an ostrich is simply not helpful to anyone.


Running a sustainable business PART 2

REDUCING CONSUMPTION: Following on from our previous post (Part 1 - Power down), we’d like to bust some myths and bring you some ideas on reducing the waste from your business.


Think you know Ralph? Think again.

We’re brand new! It’s been an interesting process, facing inwards, peeling back the layers of who we really are as an agency, what we stand for and what we want to achieve - but we’ve done it! The new Ralph is live and unlocked - it’s where better begins.


The Human Spirit - 12 boys and football.

When 12 boys and their football coach, are rescued from an impossible circumstance by courageous men, it's a great reminder of the strength of the human spirit. 


Running a sustainable business PART 1

POWER DOWN: At Ralph, we are passionate about operating sustainably and responsibly. It’s not just lip service, we’ve made small changes to the way we operate.


What type of brand are you?

Where has your business got to with it's brand journey? Are you reigning the field at the top of your tree, creating your own space or tredding a well-trodden path of those who have gone before you. 


Is your business brave enough to bare it’s soul?

In today’s age of on-demand, interconnection, brands have got nowhere to hide when they break their promise to customers - who take to social platforms in their droves to share their experiences.


Sharing the love! - 10 things we love and want to share.

In the month which celebrates love, we want to share with you 10 things from the Ralph team that we love, love, love!


What are your 3 words for 2018?

I have to say, I’m not one for resolutions. It’s never feels good to start the year, telling yourself you should be fitter, healthier, more focused. However, I do always start the new year feeling like it’s an opportunity to do something different.


“To blog or not to blog?”

That is the question we’ve avoided for nearly a decade, preferring to concentrate our efforts on servicing our clients and developing new ideas. But as the team here is growing, we want a vehicle for sharing our ideas, insights and opinions on everything to do within the world we exist… so we are taking the plunge!