Addressable TV - the new marketing revolution

Did you know that TV advertising is now within the reach of any brand, B2B or B2C through addressable TV advertising? Providing businesses of any size a focused, economic and measurable way of getting their adverts in front of their target audience for as little as £5000.

How does it work?

Sky has paved the way in addressable TV, launching Sky AdSmart in 2014. A household Sky box works as an independent broadcast unit to the household it serves. As well as its own data, Sky has partnered up with leading data giants, Experian, Boots, Mastercard and more, to ensure the household demographics are accurately profiled. This enables Sky to broadcast highly relevant adverts to that specific household, at the optimum time of day. The data covers in depth consumer segments, as well as professional decision makers, making it work for both B2C and B2B sectors.

In essence, households watch the same TV programme, but with independent advert schedules, specifically relevant to them.

ITV and Channel 4 have launched their own addressable TV options in 2018 and Amazon is currently developing its own ad-funded, free-to-air TV channel in a bid to take a share of the potential revenue.

TV is still the most trusted channel

Compared to social, where digital giants such as Google and Facebook are fighting an ongoing battle against false advertising scandals and data breaches, impacting their consumer trust rating of just 5%. TV maintains a strong trust rating of 42%.

Will your advert be seen?

So in the same way that PPC works on Google, where you only pay for the click. With addressable TV, the costs of airing that advert (the impression) are only charged once 75% (or more) of the advert has been shown in the target household.

The future?

According to a 2018 Ofcom survey, over half of homes in UK currently have a smart TV or an internet-enabled device. This percentage continues to grow year on year, further widening the opportunities for addressable TV.

In terms of what this means for businesses and brands, addressable TV will continue to offer opportunities for smaller, niche and local advertisers to reach highly segmented audiences. If you haven’t yet considered this opportunity for your business then take a look.

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