Speaking out


Designer Tips: Colour

There are a large number of colour formats available, but they mainly breakdown into colour profiles used for print or for screen. These colour profiles include process, Pantone, RGB and hexadecimal.


404: The home of the lost

Ever followed a link or typed in a web address only to find yourself landing on a page that dryly informs you there’s been a 404 error? Here's some of our favourite examples which take the opportunity to have some fun with their 404 pages.


Designer Tips: Image formats

What’s the difference between a JPEG and an EPS? Raster and vector graphics? If all this sounds like gibberish, then you are not alone.


How is mobile first UX driving change in the digital landscape?

Mobile design isn’t a new strategy, it’s been around for over a decade, but in 2018, with global mobile traffic hitting 52.2% and the introduction of Google’s mobile first indexing, mobile first design is now at the heart of digital strategy best practice.


Where does creativity come from?

It’s a widely debated philosophical/physiological debate, which largely remains unanswered. Are creative individuals simply wired that way? Is it the prefrontal cortex, right brain, hippocampus, superior temporal gyrus, density of white matter or the current favourite, the default mode network.