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We love a good life experience discussion in the Ralph studio... and one of our best ever... (well one that we can actually blog about!) is which famous people we’ve seen. It’s an impressive list... so we wanted to share it with you. We can’t agree on which one wins the best spot award, so help us out and vote in our famous faces poll. 

Who: John Travolta
Date: 1989
Where: Doing a late night supermarket shop in Los Angeles, walking around with a trolley wearing a white jumper and white trousers.

Who: Bono
Date: 1993
Where: At the funeral of a mutual acquaintance.

Who: Pete Sampras
Date: 1995
Where: In a diner in Malibu (there’s an American theme!), eating brunch with a friend.

Who: William Baldwin
Date: 1998
Where: in Sloppy Joes Steak House, New York, eating late night dinner.

Who: Alan Shearer
Date: 2002
Where: In a London restaurant, enjoying a drink at the bar.

Who: Dustin Hoffman
Date: 2003
Where: Strolling past Central Park, New York.

Who: Tom Daley
Date: 2012
Where: Staying at a caravan park on a family holiday.

Who: Aidan Turner
Date: 2009
Where: Taking a break from filming at night on streets of Bristol.

Who: Michael McIntyre
Date: 2010
Where: Outside the Plymouth Pavillion after his gig.

Who: Russell Brand
Date: 2014
Where: In a cafe outside the gig he was playing at Plymouth Pavillion.

Who: East 17
Date: 2016
Where: Sitting in the row in front on an easyJet flight to Copenhagen.

Who will we spot in 2019? We'll keep you posted.

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