The Human Spirit - 12 boys and football.

Sometimes when great things happen, like 12 boys and their football coach, are rescued from an impossible circumstance by courageous men who put their own lives on the line. Or the England football team achieve the World Cup Semi Finals after 28 years, with dignity, intelligence and teamwork; it’s a wonderful reminder of the human spirit and the strength it holds.

The Human Spirit
A poem by Daya Nandan

Unparalleled strength resides within our soul,
Power of the human spirit that we can control,
Though it takes a will of steel to tame such power,
But when it is mastered it blooms like a beautiful flower,

Great potential lies within each of our souls,
More than enough to reach our treasured goals,
Let not the words of fear and doubt ever scare you,
Let not weakness and sloth cloud your strength so true,

Rise above clouds of doubt and unleash your potential,
Keep courage and persistence for those are essential,
Take the risks needed but minimize them by planning,
And before you know it, the game of life you will be winning,

Doubt not the human power that dwells deep within,
Doubt not your abilities and strength that will make you win,
You can be anything you want in life, trust what you are,
For your spirit within burns brighter than every shining star.

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