What are your 3 words for 2018?

I have to say, I’m not one for resolutions. It’s never feels good to start the year, telling yourself you should be fitter, healthier, more focused. However, I do always start the new year feeling like it’s an opportunity to do something different.

With this in mind, I was intrigued by an event that popped up on my LinkedIn feed from Valuable Content - set your 3 words for 2018. It was a group exercise run on a walk over the Mendips, meeting and collaborating with like-minded professionals to define the three words that form the foundations upon which we build our activities for the year.

I came to the party (if you can call a walk over the Mendips a party!) with some predefined ideas about what my three words would be, then quickly realised that I was missing a trick if we weren’t absolutely clear about the purpose and meaning behind them. It’s no good being general, it still leaves you floundering.

After careful consideration, we’ve settled on Consider, Connect and Grow. Here’s why.


It’s really important to everyone at Ralph that we consider what we do. From the quality of the work we deliver, to the impact we have on the environment we live in.


We believe in doing business in a considered way, by always putting the needs of our clients above our own and always doing the right thing. We want to connect with like-minded partners who share the same ethos.


If we are growing as people, personally, through the development of our professional selves, then we’ll grow the business we work in. We have a massive appetite for growing our knowledge, skills and minds.

We are evaluating everything we do against these three words for the coming 12 months. What would be your 3 words for 2018? And why would you choose them.
Thank you to Valuable Content for inspiring our journey in 2018!

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