Earthmiles is a new innovation which is taking the market by storm. This transformative app based programme rewards employees and individuals for their physical, mental, financial and social wellbeing. Earthmiles passionately believes that for workplace programmes to be successful, all employees need to be fully engaged and in control of their own wellbeing journeys.

The brief

As a new start up, Earthmiles launched to the individual market and quickly grew their base to over 100,000 users who raved about the concept of earning rewards through managing their own wellbeing. Having tested the concept, the Earthmiles team approached us to re-shape the brand and support their launch to both the employer market and the investment community.

The response

It was important for us to really understand the concept and the user-experience, so we all signed up to the app and spent a number of sessions with the Earthmiles team really getting under the skin of the concept, the rationale and objectives of the team.

It was an inspiring insight. From a firm foundation of understanding, we set about creating a unique visual identity for the business, which reflected the values and ethos, without compromise. Uniqueness was a real focus for our creative team as this concept is like no other in the market and it was important to communicate this to the new audiences. We didn’t want to repeat the well-trodden path many others in this space had taken before.

  • If uniqueness was key for our creative team, collaboration was equally important for our digital and UX team who worked with the Earthmiles in-house developers to build the site and ensure the website was executed true to the brand concept, ensuring the nuances of the brand were upheld when translated online.

    Following the launch of the site, we created a comprehensive 80 page prospectus which showcased Earthmiles to a targeted group of investors. Covering everything from values and team, to functionality and finances, this showcase prospectus was circulated as part of a critical investment round for the business.

    The launch has been a success with a number of businesses already signed up and we continue to support Earthmiles with their own journey.

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