Norland College


Norland College has a rich heritage in the highest quality childcare, held in high esteem throughout the world. As well as the College itself, Norland also conducts research, training and development and an employment agency for their qualified alumni who have placed Norland Nannies at the very top level of UK childcare and overseas.

The Brief

Recently celebrating their 125 year anniversary, Norland wanted to relaunch their website with a refreshed brand which engaged their young student demographic, creating a platform to bring together prospective students, active students and alumni; and automating their marketing and job search facilities - all with the ultimate aim of bringing the college’s digital experience right up-to-date.

Our response

Our starting point was to identify the different user groups and work through a structuring and wireframing process which ensures the different users have defined journeys and the relevant information and actions are prioritised in the architecture of the site.

The new design uses bold typography, a contrasting colour palette and engaging natural imagery interspersed with more stylistic imagery showcasing the heritage of the brand. The overall outcome is a feeling of quality, warmth, authenticity, community, heritage yet contemporary.

  • Supporting the student enquiry process, core functionality includes enquiry databases and email autoresponders with course prospectus materials. The enquiry databases are used to keep in touch with potential students and automatically manage their enquiry status up to their proposed start date.

    Alumni are supported with password protected access to a full range of information on support, advice and on-going training opportunities along with full integration into a third party job board, which enables them to see new job postings and manage their application process.

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