The Travel Foundation


The Travel Foundation is a Bristol based charity with global reach. By its very nature, tourism values the things that are most precious in our world and can be a catalyst for growth in the local economy, but if it’s not managed well, tourism can have negative impacts on local communities. The Travel Foundation work with emerging and more established tourist destinations to ensure tourism brings greater benefits for the people and the environment helping stakeholders develop practical solutions and minimise negative impacts.

The Brief

The Travel Foundation wanted a local digital partner to help them deliver their message coherently online to potential sponsors, partners and stakeholders, as well as to deliver and enhance their online training services in which individuals can qualify in sustainable tourism practices.

Our Response

We have partnered with the charity for a number of years now and have seen through various iterations of their digital strategy, the latest of which on their main website saw the addition of new video functionality, a resources library, email automation of new content and their online annual review. The site was built in WordPress and updated on a reguarly basis with content by the Travel Foundation marketing team, giving them full control over content throughout the entire site.

  • On their training site, we have recently completed an entire overhaul of the training process, with new user functionality, tiered user access levels, a new registration process, social sharing, feedback surveys and results moderation which are all fully managed in the Expression Engine content management system.

    A simple CMS structure and architecture enables the team to deliver complex and in depth training materials through both interactive and static content. New training courses can be developed in hidden mode, using a range of question formats which we have developed within the CMS, giving the Travel Foundation Team complete control over their online activities.

    It has transformed the way the training modules are delivered, reducing administration in the training process, enabling easy scalability without the need for extra resources.

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