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Forge, previously Digital Forge, develops solutions that connect people to buildings through smart technology. Much of what Forge does is based on technology, it never loses itself or confuses its customers in a labyrinth of jargon and tech-speak. Forge builds lasting relationships so that it  – and importantly Forge’s customers – can learn, grow and are set up for success.

The brief

Digital Forge needed a new brand to represent the evolution of the company and the future it wanted to build. The business had created three products: BluePoint visitor management software, Reach smart access control and Abacus people counting application. These products have taken on their own identities and had become distanced from the business brand. As part of the rebrand they wanted to consider how these products fit within the overarching brand structure.

The Response

Through a series of workshops we explored possible routes for the new brand structure. Alongside developing a new identity for the business we also proposed renaming the business from ‘Digital Forge’ to simply ‘Forge’. We felt that although the business provided  technological solutions, its purpose was actually on forging human connections with the built environment. By dropping the ‘Digital’ we could focus on what was really important. This also helped as we wanted to more closely align the products with the core brand. So the Forge name would become part of each product name creating a brand suite: Forge Bluepoint, Forge Reach and Forge Abacus.

  • On finalising the new brand guidelines we created stationery, presentation templates, exhibition stands, marketing collateral and website.

    The website was built using the Wordpress CMS platform. The site build followed a process of developing the site architecture through wireframes, onto visualisation and lastly on to build and testing. The back-end CMS is built to be as user-friendly as possible, utilising a range of dynamic content blocks that can be used to create individual page layouts.

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