The Light

SLX are an innovative event production and hire company, who stage, deliver and produce some of the most successful experiential, corporate and production events, including Strictly Come Dancing, The Great British Bake Off and the 2012 London Olympics. Founded back in 1979 by two friends, working in theatre production, they had a dream to provide the very best technical services to theatres up and down the country, 35 years on and the company is driven by the inspiration, enthusiasm and passion of the original founders.

The Brief

During the process of renaming to SLX from Stage Electric the business felt that it had outgrown its brand and wanted to develop a refreshed version which realigned with the founding spirit of the business. We were approached with this challenge via a recommendation from another happy client and the relationship started from there.

Our response

Our focus for the rebrand was to showcase the visual spectacle of their work and to create a brand that brought this into focus. The concept for the logo uses bold typography overlaid with a colour spectrum and photographic visualisation of light. The brightness is contrasted with black to build a brand which shines through.

  • We were fortunate enough to work with an astonishing library of professional production images, some of which feature very well known faces. We were able to structure the brand so the images were centre stage, creating impact and adding character.

    Following the rebrand, we designed and developed the website. The starting point was the information architecture, creating tiered content, which is easily navigable. The design is highly visual, using the brand to frame the impressive production images and using bold coloured headlines for content blocks which add hierarchy and structure to the page layouts.

    The site content is entirely editable via an Expression Engine CMS, enabling SLX to add new sections, pages and news, which always keeps the site up-to-date with their latest offers, events and news. A small editorial group, including their PR agency manage the ongoing content updates. The CMS is so intuitive, we can count the number of support calls asking for help on one hand!

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